Get your marketing message to the people that matter by FAXFax Broadcast & Fax Marketing

Although Fax machines have been around a long time, and many people consider it to be a “dead technology” – Australia still has more than 600,000 active fax numbers and annually that number keeps growing.

At OzMedia, we maintain an exceptional database of Australian fax numbers and businesses that is updated several times a year with the latest industry categories, geolocation information and contact details.

Many of our competitors boast inflated databases and data counts, but we guarantee that we wash our datasets regularly, comply with the latest DO NOT CALL REGISTER legislations and more importantly we can accurately geo-target your messages at an extremely competitive price without inflating our delivery reports.

Tech Savvy

At OzMedia, we know databases. We know our data, and we also know how to give you exceptional value for your buck.

We can drill down on your industry specific or geographical requirements until you are 100% satisfied that you are reaching the target audience that makes sense for you. Every single data search we do for your business will be transparent and we are always prepared to detail our data selection methods.

We also have a huge in-house expertise in marketing, document design, campaign management and a wealth of expertise in complimenting multiple marketing channels across all content delivery platforms  to ensure that you get the biggest leverage from your marketing budget possible.

Why We are the Fax Experts

Our credentials are second to none. Our key staff have been involved in developing the very first fax broadcast systems in the world, since 1985, across virtually all industries including pharmaceutical, government, military, banking & finance, oil & gas, chemical & petrochemical, mining, transport & logistics, insurance, aviation, manufacturing, legal, accounting and humanitarian projects to name just a few.