Our messaging systems are secure, meet HIPAA compliance and secureLooking for a Medical Messaging Solution that is Secure, Compliant and Meets All Data Sovereignty Requirements?

At OzMedia we specialise in medical Fax, SMS & Voice Messaging Solutions and can provide a complete “EASY-TO-INTEGRATE” service that meets messaging needs for virtually any application within Australia or worldwide.

Once registered as a developer, we will give you full access to our API suite, technical support and also give you unlimited access to test our messaging platform from within your own applications.

We have experience in integrating diagnostic systems, medical imaging, patient records, clinician applications & practice management systems, pharmacy & prescription notifications as well as multiple appointment reminder & notification applications.

Super Fast Application Integration

Regardless of your applications environment, you can connect any application with “just a few” simple lines of code and get unlimited development and technical support from OzMedia.

99.999% Guaranteed System Availability

We operate “Fully fault tolerant” messaging servers in multiple locations and have now been running for more than 2200 days with ZERO LOSS of availability for our users.

Compliance & Data Sovereignty

Our systems are 100% based “ON SHORE” and files never go onto Overseas Carriers. We meet 100% of Sovereignty Compliance Guidelines for all our messaging systems.

Amazingly Cost Effective Messaging Intergration

We charge only for successful messages. If we don’t connect to your destination you don’t pay. We offer one of the best termination rates in the industry – Don’t pay more than you need to.