Brisbane Company’s Breakthrough e-learning Integration Is Recognised Through Telstra’s 2016 Business Awards

Software company aXcelerate has been selected as a QLD finalist in the 2016 Telstra Small Business Awards.

Now in their 24th year, the Telstra Business Awards showcase and celebrate the achievements of the state’s most brilliant small and medium sized businesses. As one of Australia’s leading student management software providers, aXcelerate has been recognised for it’s dedication to the training industry and it’s development of a breakthrough e-learning integration aimed at providing training organisations with more accessible e-learning content.

aXcelerate was initially developed as an internal system for the company VM Learning, which specialises in delivering professional development and accredited training courses across Australia. The system was built to assist VM Learning manage and organise their training coordination and government requirements. However, the company made the executive decision to commercialise this system when Managing Director Reay Mackay, realised there no current system on the market like VM’s; a system which can facilitate the management, government reporting and coordination of running a training company.

aXcelerate was launched in 2009 and was defined by Reay Mackay as a ‘leap of faith’, because despite having 20 plus years experience in the training industry and faith in their product, VM Learning had little to no experience in selling software. However, after careful research, product development and an unrelenting commitment to customer service, aXcelerate has more than doubled it’s market share, acquired global clients such as Cotton On and Audi and made significant traction within the e-learning sphere.

During the last year aXcelerate have become an official partner of Rustici Software, who have created the latest specification for learning technology; the Tin Can API. The Tin Can API has been defined as the ‘next generation e-learning standard’ because of it’s ability to collect data from a wider range of learning experiences a person has (both online and offline). Very different systems used for learning purposes such as simulations, virtual worlds, mobile learning, experiential learning and games are all able to be recognised, captured and shared via the Tin Can API on smart phones, tablets and desktops.

The integration aXcelerate have developed with Tin Can API, enables training companies to launch Tin Can compliant e-learning courseware directly from aXcelerate and aXcelerate is one of the first Australian companies to partner with and utilise this technology. This integration removes the need for training companies to go through an external learning management system to build e-learning content, saving them significant time and money. More importantly, the flexibility in the types of e-learning the Tin Can API provides, ensures that a greater variety of content can be developed to suit the unique learning needs and capabilities of students.

Reay Mackay says the aXcelerate team are honoured to be included in the Telstra Small Business category.

“We feel aXcelerate is now emerging as a market leader and is now able to make significant contributions to the e-learning space within Australia; to win the Telstra Small Business award would not only reward our team’s hard work but also cement this leader status.

The award recognition will also assist greatly in both our promotional efforts and furthering aXcelerate growth,” he said.

Winners of the 2016 Telstra Queensland Business Awards will be announced on Friday 15th of July, at the Brisbane City Hall.

Media Contact: Emily Harris
Communications Coordinator, aXcelerate
(07) 3215 8888

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