Update : Change to our Service and Structure re: COVID-19 for Medical Organisations

We are continually monitoring upstream communications channels to ensure that critical SMS, FAX and VOICE transmissions are given top priority on our systems and where communication disruption occurs with any given provider, we are continually ready to re-route traffic so that your messages get delivered on-time. There is significant additional load being placed on Australia’s internet and communications infrastructure as more people begin to work from home.

We anticipate the situation to get worse in the coming weeks and we all have a duty to minimize network load, therefore OzMedia have taken the following steps :

  • Medical organisations will receive HIGH priority placement on our message queues for faster delivery of SMS, FAX and Text-to-Speech messages.
  • ALL Marketing and non-essential messages, for the foreseeable future, have been given low priority, and may be blocked on our systems entirely.
  • Marketing material to medical organisations, unless specifically Medical B2B, are no longer allowed on our systems until further notice.
  • We have streamlined our account application process to make our services available to eligible medical organisations quickly.
  • Medical organisations will be given special support communications channels and priority assistance, with support hours extended from 8am to 8pm AEST.
  • Any monthly flag-fall fees for medical access accounts have been waived for all outbound services.

To register, please visit our REGISTRATION PAGE

Once registered, you will be given further instructions on how to access priority support, applications integration and service tutorials.

We have 20+ years experience in integrating diagnostic systems, medical imaging, patient records, clinician & practice management systems, pharmacy & prescription notifications as well as multiple appointment reminder & notification applications.

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