Only 500 Devices Could Mean As Much As $7,000,000+ In Collections

Charity Donation TAP System Set to Shake-up Collections in Australia

Quest Payment Systems Pty Ltd, an Australian Payments Provider has announced the launch of Donation Point Tap, a counter top donation collection device that will transform how charities accept donations through an innovative Contactless Card solution.

Donation Point Tap will launch at the ACOSS (Australian Council of Social Service) Expo on 17th November 2016 and will provide not for profit organisations with the opportunity to offer innovative card acceptance options for fundraising.

Quest Chief Executive, Jan Mason says that Donation Point Tap provides charities with a new channel that independently accepts donations directly without increasing staffing or administration requirements.


Only 500 devices could mean as much as $7,000,000+ in collections

Only 500 devices could mean as much as $7,000,000+ in collections

‘We are very excited about the arrival of Donation Point Tap, which was developed to help charities address a decline in their cash-based donation revenues.  By offering a solution that makes donating possible for everyday consumers using contactless payments, we’re helping charities to turn this around’.  


This innovation comes from problems charities are facing, in their inability to accept donations directly.

Donation Point Tap provides a new channel for receiving donations that is easy to use and reduces the costs of collecting.  Donation collection can be challenging, managing volunteer networks is time-consuming and using third party charity collectors can reduce the actual campaign dollars received by charities,’ says Jan.

Donation Point Tap combines Quest’s mobile payments technology with a custom designed and branded contactless device that attracts potential donors to the charity’s brand.  The donation amount is configured by the charity, and donors can simply tap their card or NFC-capable mobile phone to make a donation for the pre-set amount.

Funds are transferred electronically to the charity’s bank account each business day, and donation configuration and reporting can be managed by the charity through Quest’s online web portal.

Quest’s Director of Sales and Marketing, Damien Halloran says that Quest is delighted to provide a product that has the potential to transform fundraising.

Donation Point Tap has been designed to address a fundraising issue identified by charities we have been involved with.  It is essential to stay relevant when competing for the charity dollar and meet the changing expectations of potential donors.  Accepting card Donations solves this problem by providing the latest contactless technology to reduce reliance on cash donations that also opens up a new channel of opportunity for charities.’

Donation Point Tap removes that barrier of ‘no spare change’ making it easy for anyone to donate using a contactless card or mobile.